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DJ Hell Dunks Himself into Deep EBM Territory on this Exclusive Remix

The best thing to come out of Belgium since Vincent Kompany.

Ah, Belgium, the land of frites, mayonnaise, pissing boys of bronze and hard as fuck EBM. To the uninitiated, EBM (Electronic Body Music) was an early 80s phenomenon that bolted the harsh clank of industrial to synthpunk's rancid, squalid danceability. It was dark, raw, sadistic and weirdly biG in the Low Countries.

Belgian boys The Neon Judgement were scene pioneers and went on to be lowkey influences on acid house's caustic burbles. Given that they aren't exactly a household name over here, a Best Of compilation seems a little presumptuous but it gives those of us who douse our chips in cheap curry sauce a chance to experience the group in full flow. Time Capsule, released on Lektroluv in April, is more than your standard slapped-together, pile-em-high, sell-em-cheap greatest hits though. In addition to the vinyl and CD versions of the record, the bundle includes a DVD copy of the snappily titled The Neon Judgement '2010A1984' DocuVision film, a 7" of remixes and a 10" stuffed with covers of everyone from the Velvet Underground to The Cramps. All done in that inimitable pervy EBM way.

One man who isn't a stranger to the genre is International Deejay Gigolos boss DJ Hell. Way back in 2002, when the world rocked to Fischerspooner b-sides, Hell released Electronicbody-Housemusic, a two disc mix that spanned, as the name suggests, EBM and house. It is one of the most effortlessly pervy, amyl nitrate reeking things we've ever heard. You can get it for 7p on Discogs so there's no excuse to not own it.

Hell's been given free reign to turn the Neon Judgement's "TV Treated" into a dangerously corrosive churner. Hear it exclusively on THUMP up above.