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Ellen Allien Wants You To Get "High" with Her New Video

The BPitch boss is back with the trippiest AV experience of 2015.
September 8, 2015, 5:30am

For decades now, everyone's favourite Berlinette Ellen Allien has been smashing it. Not content with just running one of Europe's finest labels, BPitch, or releasing incredible record after incredible record, she still manages to find the time to play in some of the world's biggest and best clubs. A quick glance through her schedule shows that in the next week alone she's playing out at Nitsa in Barcelona, Zig Zag in Paris and at the Oasis festival in Morocco. How she finds time to nip to the shops or sort out council tax bills we'll never know.


Anyway, a carrier pigeon hovered over from BPitch HQ to the THUMP bunker last week and cooed in our ears. "Do you," he trilled, "want the video premier of Ellen's excellent, summer defining anthem "High"?" We said yes please and sent him on his way with a few chunks of bread and a thank you note. Just now, the pigeon came back with a handwritten URL for the video. We typed it into our computers and this is what we found.

The track is a solid slab of tough, bouncy, bassy tech-house that's destined to roll round every good club in Europe over the next few months. It's anthemic, euphoric, classicist without sounding trite and overdone. It's not surprising that DJs from Nuneaton to Nunhead have been rinsing it all summer.

The video, and let's not forget that it's the video the pigeon flew over for, is trippier than being strapped to a roundabout after double dropping. In a good way. If you like strobes in the club — and who doesn't — then you'll love this video. It's basically a 4 minute ode to the out-of-body joys of strobes and looks like something you'd see in deep, dank, dark parts of YouTube where the playcount's barely hit double figures. In a good way. Happy Monday everyone!

High is out now on BPitch. You can buy it online here.

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