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Wilsen's Video for "Centipede" Will Chill You the Heck Out

Writer's block, a creeping insect, and the pursuit of stillness within identity.

Here's what you need to know about Wilsen:
They're a Brooklyn-based trio fronted by Calgary singer/composer Tamsin Wilson. They've been kicking around and cutting their musical teeth since 2013, releasing a selection of bewitching EPs (Sirens and Magnolia) which has been building steadily to the now imminent drop of their debut album I Go Missing in My Sleep (quite a lovely sentiment really). Below is the premiere of the video for "Centipede," a somnambulant slip of a song, with a shuffled beat and a wistfully exhaled melody inspired by Wilson's bout of writers block. "We're all faking something," she sighs. This song manages be both soothing and disquieting. At points it, the music sounds like its running backwards. Sometimes this song feels like a memory tantalizingly out of reach. In a lot of ways it's faintly reminiscent in mood and feel of the delicacy of Elbow's "Any Day Now" from back in 2001. (Shouts out to the enduring grace of Elbow!) This is a very good thing. Visually, the video is awash with flickering imagery—a journey to who knows where.


"A centipede crept under my door at the very moment I was beginning a new song," explains singer Tamsin Wilson. "Stuck between ideas, I watched it crawl around the room until this track was outlined. I was amazed at its aimlessness—how content it seemed wandering on foreign ground—and wished I could feel the same. In the video we wanted to illustrate that pursuit of stillness within identity."

Watch below:

I Go Missing In My Sleep is out on April 28th via Secret City Records