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JAW May Have Been Kidnapped By Claptone

The Parisian vocalist is dropping a collaborative LP with 45 artists and just gifted us his new track with the golden-masked deep house deity.
Listen to our exclusive stream of JAW & Claptone's track "Amour Tjs"

Paris-born vocalist JAW is a glutton for collaboration. His recent project, a twenty-track collaborative album called Midtown, includes productions by the likes of Brodinski, Claude VonStroke, Art Department, and Para One. But it doesn't end there. 45 artists in total, including singers, painters, and graphic designers, also feature on the endlessly creative album. "They all helped me in their own way; the main point of Midtown was to push things to the limit… Artistically, my goal was to sing differently on every track," JAW said.


One of Midtown's most feels-inducing cuts is JAW's collaboration with German producer Claptone for the velvety house cut "Amour Tjs." Since Claptone is infamous for perpetually donning a gold, bird-like mask, we wondered if JAW got a chance to see his face. Turns out Claptone is even more mysterious than we thought: "I kind of met Claptone once in Berlin. Some guys put a bag over my head and took me into a car so I couldn't see where his studio was. Fifteen minutes later I was in the recording booth."

So, no luck with unmasking Claptone. "But I think it's better that way," he laughed.

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The Midtown LP will be released October 13th, on Circus Company