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Listen to DrumTalk's New 12", SNB/Super Vega

UK Huntleys + Palmers affiliates get stuck into some gorgeous, rolling house.

When it comes to esoteric house music, the Huntleys + Palmers outlet really have their ear to the ground. Having pulled together Scottish duo Auntie Flo, Chilean singer Mamacita and the infectious Alejandro Paz recently, another of their crew is about to drop a new release on the London-based GETME! label next week, which we're pleased to being you the premiere of. As a 12", DrumTalk's SNB/Super Vega taps into the collective aesthetic of H+P with relish; twisting foreboding vocals and playful percussion into the kind of driving house rhythms that make our shoulders sharpen on the dancefloor. As far as DrumTalk's concerned, it's all about "the sound of machines being controlled by a human. Or maybe the sound of a human being controlled by machines? Digital, analogue and acoustic. High-fi and Low-fi. Synths, drum machines and echo units, hand claps, finger snaps and banging on a drum."


DrumTalk - SNB/Super Vega is released on GETME! on July 28th.

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