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Spatial's 'Circlon' EP Is the Most Beautiful Ultramajic Record We've Ever Heard

Jimmy Edgar's label has done it again.
August 5, 2014, 7:00pm
Photos by Richard Stow & Dizco, generative processing by Spatial.

Our favorite record from the Ultramajic catalog to date has arrived. It's called the Circlon EP, it was made by London bass/techno producer Spatial (who also runs his own imprint, Infrasonics), and we can't get enough of the title track. See, "Circlon" is the sort of tune that sounds beautiful on its own, and positively devastating in a mix. It's easy to imagine the rounded, sparkling notes at the beginning of the track creeping into an intense techno cut and sweeping away the dark vibes with a bit of fuzzy low end, the way Oneman mixes Joy Orbison's "Ellipsis" out of Claude VonStroke's remix of "Wut" by Girl Unit on his Fabriclive mix. This is the kind of track unforgettable mixes are made of—and if you want an example of the track in action, revisit the mix fellow Ultramajic alumnus Aden sent us a few months back.

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