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Kandi Masters of EDC

Pony beads and perler creations brought that extra touch of PLUR to Vegas.

With thousands of ravers converging into sin city for EDC, PLUR was most definitely in the air. PLUR goes beyond molly, hugs and skimpy outfits—it's also the art of kandi making. THUMP was there to spot out some of the skillful individuals who eat, live and breathe pony beads. Not actually eat, though, that would be stupid.

The shuttles are a good place to make sure your pieces look legit before displaying them at the festival.


This guy would like to welcome you to the Kandi Tribe.

These Hawaiians love their kandi, and most of these pieces only took about half a day to complete.

Max from Tahoe, California has found the legendary mask of Aku Aku, for the non-gamers this means he requires no molly to rave all night.

David from California has been raving for eight years now, a real OG. He's been collecting and making kandi for a while and brought his best work to EDC. He had so much kandi that he had to carry it in his backpack. He's given more pieces than received. Cheers mate.

This couple was cought in the act… of wearing their kandi.

Kandi is like Pokemon, you gotta catch 'em all.

Kandi gas masks are great for filtering out the bad vibes in the air.

And when you don't have an arm long enough, you can always carry it bandolier style.

Not just any kind of hugs, but free epic hugs.

THUMP loves you.

Ani Hajderaj doesn't wear kandi but he loves festivals, follow him @AniHajderaj.