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Running Becomes Soothing Meditation In This Super-Slow Spectral Animation

Minha Yang uses algorithms to transform running women into elegant animations.

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Korean artist Minha Yang turns athletic movements into ghostly vectors in video installation Running Women. The grace and composure of the bipedal form is given an added beauty as the movements unfold into ethereal animations.

Yang captured the footage on a high speed camera and then, using mathematical and physical algorithms, transformed it into 129,600 vectors using openFrameworks. Yang explains: "These vectors are capable of controlling 2 million lines containing color characteristic values of rasterized moving images. These regenerating and recombining processes applied exquisite visual modifications to the original video."


The result is a minimal but hypnotic and meditative video shot in super-slow ultra-high definition.

Another recent work by Yang is called Parallel & Symmetric Dialogue (above). A collaborative piece with Seong Ah Kim (together, the duo go by kYOkYO), the a/v installation is diamond-shaped and covered in glowing pyramids. The pyramids light up asymmetrically with the emitting of a piercing sound—and, like much of Yang's work, shows the contemplative power of algorithmically generated artworks—but this piece also aims to be slightly unsettling, too: "A dialogue between the two opposing points is changed with the passage of time and it is connected to the light and its movement," Yang tells it. "The movement of light appears, disappears and [is] quickly converted. It generates a sense of discomfort, anxiety, tension and stability at the same time between the two."

Learn more about Yang's methods and ideas in his profile by The Creators Project, below.

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