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Spend Six Seconds on the Sea Floor in Coral Morphologic's Magical Vine Videos

Find out why “the coral as an organism, as a symbol, is the perfect hybrid of art and science.”
May 14, 2015, 4:30pm

Coral Morphologic's bright and brief Vine videos dive below sea-level and into the secret lives of South Florida's coral reefs. Earlier this year, The Creators Project met up with Coral Morphologic's Colin Foord and Jared McKay in our documentary Coral City, where we got up close to the sights and inside the sounds behind their coloful critter art and activist efforts. Their bright Vine feed adapts their splendid footage of South Florida's underwater ecosystems for the attention spans of social media, proving in just six seconds Coral Morphologic's statement: “The coral as an organism, as a symbol, is the perfect hybrid of art and science."

As it so happens, Vine's easily operated platform encapsulates the duo's humble introduction into filmmaking. When they started their datamoshed, 23-film documentary, Natural History Redux, back in 2011, Foord and McKay counteracted their lack of formal training with a self-enforced creative regimen. “We challenged ourselves: ‘If we want to become filmmakers, we’ve got to do one every single week,'" Foord tells The Creators Project in our documentary. Now with easy-to-post, easy-to-watch Vine clips, Coral Morphologic ups the ante on their output with nearly daily (sometimes twice daily, if we're lucky) peeks into the flourishing marine life of South Florida's coral reefs.


Watch Parts 1 and 2 of documentary, Coral City, and dip your toes in their peaceful six-second scenes of colorful creatures, below:

Find out more about Coral Morphologic's research and films on their website.


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