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'Don Quixote' Gets a 3D-Printed Horse For Its 400th Birthday

Rocinante, the Don's indelible steed, has been immortalized by Oyma 3D.
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Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s metafictional masterpiece Don Quixote turns 400 this year. For its birthday, the book receives a 3D-printed sculpture of the Don’s indelible horse Rocinante, gifted by Oyma 3D's founder Mahmoud Al-Swedy. Over the course of nine months, the Egyptian entrepreneur designed and prototyped the sculpture until Rocinante was reborn—through a technology beyond Don Quixote’s wildest imaginings. Mounted on a horseshoe-shaped stand with a quoted inscription, “Thou hast seen nothing yet”, Al-Swedy’s beast freezes in majestic mid-gallop with a 3D-printed body that resembles the delicate designs of woodcuts.


The entrepreneur has launched an Indiegogo compaign in the hopes of funding a 400 fold limited-edition distribution of the 3D-printed steed, made from flexible white nylon plastic through the online platform, Shapeways. If all goes well, Al-Swedy also plans to turn his design into a 20-foot tall bronze statue, installed at an as-of-yet undecided locale.  Below, Rocinante in 3D!

Find out more on Oyma 3D's website and Ingiegogo page.


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