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Catch the Fever of Lorna Mills’ Absurdly Human GIFs

The Toronto-Based new media artist unveils her second solo show at Transfer Gallery this Saturday.
September 30, 2015, 5:30pm
All images courtesy the artist

Criticizing and pointing out the absurdities of the aseptic society we live in is par the course for Lorna Mills. Now with a new show  opening Saturday at Transfer gallery, the Canadian new media artist behind Ways of Something, the collaborative remake of John Berger's classic documentary, takes over the Brooklyn-based gallery with AT PLAY IN THE FIELDS OF THE LORD, her second solo show at the Kelani Nichole-run space.

Mills' work explores and questions topics pertaining to contemporary living, including subcultures, daily routines, stress, and modern human behaviors. Through a series of looped visual animations comprising both her classic works and never-before-seen creations, the exhibition pieces together “the usual piles of obsessive Internet filth, anxiety, fear, and animal joy looping in perpetuity,” Lorna Mills tells The Creators Project.

“I stole the title from a book by Peter Matthiessen, though the show does not reference the contents of that particular book. I’ve always found that the title At Play in the Fields of the Lord had greater resonance," she explains, her choice of title echoing the purposeful non-sense that aligns with the visual content of the show.

By deconstructing online visual matter, Mills creates fanciful, twisted, and ambiguous collages that writhe with mechanical, jerky motions. These beautiful, cacophonic visuals merge together within an overwhelming screen display, surrounding viewers in a mind-numbing environment. “This is the excessive gif show I’ve always wanted to do at Transfer but having enough display equipment was always an issue, ” Mills adds. "Fortunately, Murat Orozobekov and Edward Winkleman of Moving Image have supplied the equipment so the viewer will be treated to a ridiculous number of monitors playing GIFs.”

On view for the whole month of October, the show will end with La petite mort du Blingee, an affair featuring the work of more than 30 artists that culminates in an eye-catching ceremony celebrating the unique and irreplaceable creative outlet. It's “a glittering affair featuring shiny and sparkling talents from all over the world,” Mills concludes.

Come have a looped blast at the opening reception this Saturday, starting at 7 PM. Click here to learn more about AT PLAY IN THE FIELDS OF THE LORD.


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