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These Colorful Illustrations Are Like Visual Poems

Startling rainbow mosaics burst from Takeo Doman's drawings.
I'm So Happy. Cause Today I Found My Friends. They're in My Head, 200×200(mm), print on mi-tant paper. Images courtesy the artist

With rainbows in their eyes (and occasionaly their middle fingers) the anonymous characters in Japanese illustrator Takeo Doman's drawings grasp at pure emotion. "I want to express a message in my works that goes beyond words," he tells The Creators Project. Wiping the face from nearly every human he draws forces Doman to choreograph exquisite, imaginative scenes, which he highlights with vivid bursts of color.


When he's not drawing angsty faceless men giving 'the finger,' the Tokyo-based artist imbues animals with stunning palettes, elevating turtles and butterflies to the stuff of dreams. "I think, the purpose of the illustration is to stir a person's imagination," he continues. "I love surrealism. I want to create new forms of expression through impossible combinations. I hope to continue doing visual work that creates the kind of works of art that burn themselves into the memories of the people who view them." Sear your retinas on Doman's works below:



He'll Keep You in a Jar And You'll Think You're Happy, 210×297(mm), print on mi-tant paper


Painful Before the Bloom, 210×297(mm), print on mi-tant paper

Lights Out, 2016, 210×297(mm) / print on mi-tant paper



The Three Wise Monkeys, 210×297(mm), print on mi-tant paper

Project, 210×297(mm) / print on mi-tant paper

I Don't Do Drugs, I Am Drugs, 210×297(mm), print on mi-tant paper


Fuckin' Beautiful, 210×297(mm), print on mi-tant paper

See more of Takeo Doman's work on his website.


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