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The Trump Head Desktop Speaker Is Loud

Celebrate the Republican presidential nominee with a porcelain bust that’s also a Bluetooth speaker.
Images courtesy the artist

Well, Trump's officially been nominated as the GOP’s candidate for President of the United States and now you can celebrate the news with your very own, limited edition, Donald Trump speaker. Under the tagline, ‘Play the People Who Play the World,’ the online boutique store Sound of Power, the brainchild of artist and performer Petro Wodkins, has turned some of the world’s most prominent public speakers into literal desktop speakers.


Model citizens, including Pablo Escobar, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-Un, are crafted into porcelain busts that resemble the baroque style of the 17th and 18th centuries. The only thing separating these models from, say, a Bernini or a Puget, is the round black speaker coming out of subjects' heads. The Sound of Power website describes their product as a, “contemporary reincarnation of these classical objects.” As such, their Donald The Great statue perfectly captures the callous blare of Trump’s rhetoric through a less than flattering duck face.

The speakers are created in Russia and handmade in Sweden by Wodkins and his team. Each piece is a full range mono speaker with an integrated amplifier, bringing the retail price for one of these Bluetooth-enabled bad boys to around $2,400. They only have a few of the Putin and Jong-Un statues left, so if you’re in the market, hop to it.

For more information on the statues, head over to Sound of Power's website, and to look at more work by Petro Wodkins check out his website.


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