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Watch a Box of Crayons Liquefy to Soup Before Your Eyes

A waxy rainbow decomposes into runny streams of shimmering color and it's mesmerizing.
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Playtime for a kid can vear any sort of direction depending on a child’s personality. There is the idyllic picture of innocence: rolling around the sandbox or snowy front yard. Then there is the kid with an innate sense of mischief, who takes joy in pushing things to the limits. In a macro-shot video from the Let’s Melt This YouTube channel, the different forms of childhood play come together as crayons and fire tricks face off to produce a psychedelic spectacle of merging liquids. The licking flames condense the crayons into a marble soup, creating nebulous, multi-colored pools of color. The deterioration of each sculpturally-sound crayon seems to disintegrate before the viewer’s eyes, as wax transforms into rushing tribuaties that look similar to Hubble Telescope views.


See the full video of the Crayon vs Gas Torch in Macro below:

To see more videos from Let’s Melt This, visit their page, here.


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