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Drone Vandalism Is Here and Its First Victim Is Kendall Jenner

Hey, at least she's getting attention.
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This article originally appeared on Motherboard. 

Kendall Jenner made history without even knowing it.

Her giant Calvin Klein billboard in New York was the first victim of public vandalism made by a drone. Well, a drone operated by well-known graffiti artist and tagger KATSU.

In an interview with Motherboard last year, he told us why decided to hook a spray can together with a DJI Phantom drone as a way to blend technology and artistic creation.


“I really want to look into the way that a person and a drone could connect,” he said. “I thought, ‘I could go out into the city and spray paint using a drone wherever I wanted to, in basically unreachable spots and in unusable areas.’”

That he did. The billboard targeted sits in one of the city’s busiest shopping areas at the corner of Lafayette St. and Houston St., so his vandalism is inescapable. He told Wired that the splash of red paint over Jenner’s face “turned out surprisingly well.”

He said that controlling the drone was tricky, but that it’s empowering him to conduct more (illegal) stunts like this in the future.

You can see KATSU’s work in action above.


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