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Flowers Burst and Bloom in VJ Collective's Hypnotic Watercolor Experiment

Watching Japanese collective BRDG's 'Lilium' is kind of like being trapped inside an O'Keefe painting.
January 22, 2015, 11:00pm
Images courtesy the artists

[BRDG020] Lilium from BRDG on Vimeo.

After setting the bar dizzyingly high with hyperspeed tours of the world wide web, kaleidoscopic VJing, and spinning wheels made of 3D-printed bones, Japanese collective BRDG delivers another explosion of colors and sound in their newest art video, Lilium. The so-called “off-duty” work speaks yet again to their uncanny audiovisual prowess, but what's more, Lilium is the result of a collaboration between BRDG and two more digital art stars, experimental visual programmer KYND, and beatsmith/sound artist Yaporigami.


BRDG’s latest work takes fundamental visual elements of Japanese culture and integrates them into unique audiovisual compositions. As suggested by its title, Lilium plays upon the iconic mystic beauty of the Asiatic lily. Watching it feels like taking an innocent Microsoft Paint session into the 9th dimension: bacteria-like watercolors splash across the screen, blooming, bubbling, and building upon one another like an O’Keefean nightmare that will leave your overstimulated corneas whirring.

Watch Lilium above, and below, enjoy some of our favorite moments from BRDG's newest art video:

Treat your eyeballs to more of BRDG’s eccentric videos on Vimeo, and learn more about their VJing feats on YouTube and Twitter.

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