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Become a Future Fashion Designer with 4D-Printed Textiles

Nervous System’s Kinematic textiles let buyers design 4D-printed garments—at only $110 a pop.
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In the flourishing world of printed fashion, 4D is definitely the new 3D—and thanks to design mavericks Nervous System, 4D-printed fashion is now DIY. Last year, the studio’s flirty, little Kinematics black dress gained widespread recognition, including its own spot in the Museum of Modern Art's collection. Now, as unveiled at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco, you can buy the actual material that comprises Nervous System’s dress.


Nervous System will offer four types of patterns in laser-sintered nylon: the “Pattern Mix” swatch, the “Scale Shift” swatch, the “Stripe” swatch, and the “Tetra” swatch. In each seamless swatch, offered in blue, black, white, and red, individual panels vary between solid and perforated, polygonal and cellular, bending and straightening out like a real actual fabric. It isn't cheap—each swatch is $110—but can you really put a price on the future?

For more of Nervous System’s 3D- and 4D-printed designs, check out their website.

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