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A High Fashion Dress Meets High Tech Projections

Abstract patterns and kaleidoscopic designs are projected onto Ece Özalp's high fashions in the new film from Bİ’ŞEYLER.
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Up-and-coming fashion designer out of Istanbul, Ece Özalp asks What is Real? in a new audiovisual performance that combines filmmaking, projection mapping, and high fashion.

The lines, patterns, and forms of her first collection, Perception, caught the eye of Bİ’ŞEYLER, a Turkish new media agency with a passion for integrated design and production. Using Perception has a base model, Bİ’ŞEYLER took the young designer's vision to the next level in the form of a performative fashion film/light show complemented by music from Audiofil's Mehmet Ünal. Özalp’s kaleidoscopic designs and abstract fractal patterns are projected onto a 3D scanned dress of her design, much like the audiovisual installation for fashion label DROMe, or Frank Sorbier’s Haute Couture Fairy Tale, playing with our sense of depth and spatial awareness. It’s as if an entire new line of dresses is unfolding right before your eyes.


What is Real? I A/V Performance For Ece Ozalp's Creation from Bİ'ŞEYLER on Vimeo.

Check out the project’s page on Behance, here.

More from the designer, here. And for more from Bİ’ŞEYLER, click here.


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