Party Like an Art Star Under This Mind-Bending Virtual Dome in Miami

Artsy x Soundcloud were behind the multi-sensory bash in Mid-Beach.
December 1, 2016, 8:45pm
Images courtesy of Artsy

Inside 's white geodesic dome on the coast of Mid-Beach in Miami, and created a communal audiovisual art experience that couples music with reconfigured VR imaging technology. In partnership with GUCCI, the exhibition combines the work of new media artists , , and with the sounds of alt-R&B singer .

Faena Art



Collective Reality

Rachel Rossin

Jon Rafman

Jacolby Satterwhite


During the event, audience members looked up at a mesmerizing display of digital spectacles and graphics projected onto the surface of the dome. Each composite artwork was designed and curated by the genre-defying artists and enriched by ABRA's dark and ominous soundscape.

Known for mind-bending works, like this degrading data compression simulation, Rossin sought to create a sensory art experience that extended beyond the VR headset. With help from production studio The Endless Collective and Charlie Whitney, she created a fully immersive abstract performance that incorporated 360-degree projection, motion tracking, and avatar puppeteering.

Utilizing game design tools and 3D programming software, Rafman created work transporting viewers through a series of hypnotizing landscapes and sculptural environments built from a multiplicity of white light particles. Satterwhite, on the other hand, put together an immersive video collage that overlapped and flipped the landscapes of urban environments upside down.

Elena Soboleva, Curator of Special Projects at Artsy, says, "Given the challenge of curating VR artwork in a public setting, we were excited about the opportunity to extend the artwork, incorporating a dynamic musical collaboration, to surround the audience and creative a collective experience."

Collective Reality will be available to worldwide audiences via excerpts of 360 videos posted to Artsy's Facebook page.


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