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These Bewildering But Beautiful Photos Boggle the Mind

See something strange in the photographic illusions by Derek Paul Boyle and Mitra Saboury.
All images courtesy the artist

Slices of supple white bread pad the steps of a carbohydrate-upholstered staircase. Spray paint applied next to a ceiling lamp seems to shadow, the unassuming light. Studio Meatwreck, the artistic duo unafraid to make things weird, are masters of composing an image that is unusual, unsettling and inevitably, very “scrollable” in their interesting images of household mundanity.

Describing themselves as “overly dramatic and overly analytical,” Derek Paul Boyle and Mitra Saboury exploit the normal, preconceived notions and invite in the peculiarities. Their visuals are bold and rarely manipulated. Their aesthetic shows an acute understanding of ratio and pleasing composition, no matter how absurdist and provocative the models.


Refreshingly human, the team is unafraid to use their own bodies, which may peak flesh with veins and hair, to forward the style of the Meatwreck project. It is within the space of boldness and and decisive editing that lies the sweet spot where Studio Meatwreck can play out its oddball fantasies, “aestheticizing the contradictory…[making] everyday life unusual” and delivering their own artistic voice.

Meatwreck tell The Creators Project,  “Meatwreck is slightly off—a meal you really want to eat but know is pretty much rotten. Our images present the underside of familiarities. Our images expose an obsession with the characters of objects and impressions of deeply inhabited spaces. We want to highlight moments of the everyday ‘off,’ creating a continuous exhibition of the meaty wrecks that make up our everyday routines."

"Meatwreck has consumed us. We have spent many, many hours on this project, each of us…We allow conflict to yield inspiration." Studio Meatwreck commits full-throttle to each photograph, treating every creation like a child, raising each with value and intention.

Take a peek at Studio Meatwreck’s website to see more; find it here. Visit their well-stocked Instagram to see more.


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