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A Holographic Fashion Show of Changing Weather Conditions

Universal Everything turns a fashion show into a holographic installation that raises the bar for the term "atmosphere."
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Digital weather systems, electronic pop, radial architecture, and large-scale video combine to showcase a luxury clothing line for the global nomad. In this fashion show, holographic rain, wind, and clouds recreate world climates to fantastic effect. The installation was commissioned by luxury brand MCM for their Spring/Summer '17 collection with Christopher Ræburn and created by art and design studio, Universal Everything. Originally streamed to 40 million viewers worldwide, the presentation mimics weather patterns and evokes the nomadic aesthetic of the collection.


Universal Everything has previously made an app with radiohead, created a ballet of spinning coins, and a projection mapping the Sydney Opera House. The digital weather patterns showcased at their latest installation are produced via a video projected onto hologauze as well as atmospheric lighting. The "driving’" soundtrack for the installation was written with Raime, a London-based electronic duo whose second LP, Tooth, was released earlier this month.

The nine-minute video fully evokes the atmosphere of atmosphere itself. With sweeping and fantastical projections, the show celebrates travel and seasonal changes, MCM's unisex trans-global clothing collection, and the audience’s engagement with the show. Check out the video of the full show below.

To see Universal Everything’s past projects, check out their website here. To learn more about this installation, click here.


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