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Interdimensional Portals and Miniature Murals Invade Honolulu

Enjoy a brief survey of the best artwork on display at the 2016 POW! WOW! Hawaii street art festival.
1010: " I planned to make one or two small walls and explore the island a bit in my free time. At the end I ended up painting my biggest mural so far." All images courtesy Jasper Wong unless otherwise marked

Sprawling tropical street art festival POW! WOW! Hawaii wrapped up this weekend, bringing the works of Slinkachu, HULA, 1010, Haroshi, and more together for one massive city-wide art show. This year was the biggest POW! WOW! Hawaii yet, with over 80 murals, paintings, and sculptures from as many artists from all over the world. Amidst the sea of parties There was even a wedding on the beach.

Last week we profiled POW! WOW! founder Jasper Wong, examining the issues of money management and "graffitification" the festival has faced as it enters its seventh year. This week, we celebrate the artwork itself with a brief survey of the artists and artwork on display in Honolulu's outdoor art gallery, the Kaka'ako district. We spoke to several newcomers, displaying their work at POW! WOW! for the first time, including Audrey Kawasaki, Haroshi, and 1010, and we're featuring the work of oldtimers like Slinkachu, HULA, and Kamea Hadar.


Check out the works and their stories below:

Haroshi: "I've always wanted to make a SHAKA so when I knew that I was going to exhibit in Hawaii I had to make it. But I realized that I just didn't want to make a regular SHAKA when I was making the mock-up. I changed my idea to 'shake hand' x 'shaka hand.' Two hands hand shaking but the two hands are shaped like a shaka. Shaking hands are one of my favorite motifs."  Photo by Jasper Wong

Haroshi: "I have been so busy the past few years I haven't been able to skateboard so I am planning to work out and build some stamina and skateboard again. To think of it, skateboards are to ride, not to make sculptures out of… I had forgotten about that." Photo by John Hall

Kai Kaulukukui

Wooden Wave


Solomon Enos

Audrey Kawasaki: "It’s the largest wall I’ve ever done, and it’s my first outdoor mural. It’s also a curved wall, so it may be a bit of a challenge. The subject will be one of my iconic girls, with flowy hair, tangled in lush ocean plants. I won’t be using spray paint, but sticking to acrylics and oil paints. Minimal color palette and keeping it simple. Her face is the largest I’ve ever painted (about as tall as me!)" Image by Brandon Shigeta

HULA, photo by Brandon Shigeta


Edwin Ushiro


Slinkachu, photo by John Hall

Miniature of POW! WOW! founder Jasper Wong. Behind the miniature is the only mural Wong has contributed to POW! WOW! Hawaii himself. Slinkachu, photo via @slinkachu_official

Jasper Wong, real vs miniature. Slinkachu, via @slinkachu_official

Andrew Hem and Ekundayo, photo by Brandon Shigeta

Christina Angelina

Aaron Li-Hill

Kevin Lyons, Photo by Brandon Shigeta

Kamea Hadar, photo by Brandon Shigeta


Keep up with POW! WOW!'s upcoming festivals in Taiwan and Japan on the official website.


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