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Kanye Kissing Kanye: Last Week in Art

In better news, Art Dubai was young, successful, and female.

A lot went down this week in the weird and wild world of Art. Some things were more scandalous than others, some were just plain wacky—but all of them are worth knowing about. Without further ado:  

+ A 20-foot-tall mural of Kanye loving himself is going viral. Surprise, surprise. [Noisey]

Art Dubai was last week. The 10th edition of the annual fair celebrated record sales of works from a cadre of predominantly young artists, almost half of whom were women.


+ The Met Breuer is officially open to the public. [The Met]

+ Art Basel Hong Kong opens this week. Orient yourself with this handy “expert guide.” [Christie’s]

+ In other Kanye-loving news, West claimed that his “tweets are a form of contemporary art.” [@kanyewest]

+ On November 26th of this year, Vivienne Westwood’s son Joe Corré and Malcolm McLaren will burn a punk memorabilia collection worth $7.2 million. God save the queen. [Crack Magazine]

+ Several sculptures scheduled to show at Asia Week New York were seized by federal agents in an ongoing investigation, allegedly connected to detained art smuggler Subhash Kapoor. [The New York Times]

+ The Venice Lagoon was named Europe’s most endangered heritage site by organization Europa Nostra. [The Art Newspaper]


+ Petra Collins and Madelyne Beckles came clad in collars, leashes, and binkies to the Art Production Fund gala for their performance piece, “Not Your Art Babies.” [ArtNet]

+ 13 individuals suspected to have been behind last year’s armed robbery at Verona’s Castelvecchio Museum have been arrested. [The Washington Post]

+ This city-sponsored website wants to prevent IRL graffiti on Florence’s majestic Duomo by letting you tag the ancient building URL. [The New York Times

+ Anita Brookner, Booker prize winning writer and art historian, passed away this week at the age of 87. [The Guardian]


+ The TSA found an object at JFK made of a can, cables, and green plastic—Said the object’s owner: “It’s art.” [Time]


+ This is not a drill: the House of Representatives is considering a bill that recognizes magic as a “great American art form.” [ABC News]

+ Coming soon: a museum dedicated to Statue of Liberty kitsch in Indianapolis. [Indy Star]

+ London’s Design Museum is expanding into new premises three times the old space. [The Art Newspaper]


+ Last year, Kylie Jenner commissioned a mural of her own face, painted by tattoo artist Joshua Woods. Now, it’s almost done! [Entertainment Online]

+ For the first time in decades, one of the most coveted private collections of classical sculptures is going public. [The Guardian]

+ News was released that five Francis Bacon paintings worth $33 million were stolen from a Madrid home last June. [Daily Mail]

+ Legal wars are brewing between France and England over Joan of Arc’s $430,000 ring. [The Art Newspaper]


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