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The Warped Flower Photographs of Davy Evans

The Brighton-based artist is reinventing floral imagery with in-camera effects.
All images courtesy the artist

Flowers have long held a very specific symbolism, their style and color promoting a certain message or feeling. They can be childish, stalwart, and sad—and, all too often, cliché. Davy Evans, a Brighton-based artist and designer known for his in-camera effects and the iconic The xx album cover, has found a way to portray his blooms in a way that is anything but. The flowers are shot against a crisp black background, vibrantly colorful and alive, their appearance distorted by a reflective material. With warping effects created in-camera, the resulting imagery is melancholy, and the subtle distortions and aberrations only adding to their feelings of reflection and beauty. They do not at all look technologically manipulated, but as if one is looking at them through a faulty mirror, a pool of water, or one’s own tears.


Check out some of our favorites below:

Stay updated on Evans' ongoing photography project on his website, and see more on Instagram.


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