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High Speed Photos Freeze-Frame Flying Water Sliders

Vicariously visit a water park with photographer Krista Long's "I Love Summer" series.

We've seen London streets turned into water slides and hi-tech cameras slowing down the action on extreme slip 'n slides , but photographer Krista Long offers the world a chance to see the glory of these thrill rides frozen in time. Her series  (appropriately titled) I Love Summer implements high-speed cameras to capture water park visitors just as they surge out what we can only imagine is an adrenaline-raising slide.


Bathing suit-clad park goers shoot out the blue tube like big ol' flesh bullets, with blankets of water suspending them in the air for all of pixilated eternity. Freeze-frames always make us smile, but Long's series inspires some wistful daydream from our NYC offices (it's 87 degrees out, after all!). It's only Tuesday, so until it's the weekend we'll have to live vicariously with these gushing photos.

See some more of I Love Summer below, and check out Long's Flickr page for more of her photography work.

h/t Junk-Culture


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