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Retro Style GIFs Infuse Vintage Portraits With Flashing Psychedelia

These trippy GIFs from St. Francis Elevator Ride give 70s kitsch a modernized twist.

St. Francis Elevator Ride (aka Josh Breeden) is an artist working out of Memphis, Tennessee. Perhaps best known for his work in WIRED and NeverLazy magazines, the 30-year-old designer for Loaded for Bear and art director of Trashy Creatures Records delights the senses with his technostalgic print and web projects. Combining mixed-media techniques into colorful, chaotic collages, St. Francis Elevator Ride is exactly the type of creator working at the apex of both digital and analog art.


This past July, he had a solo show titledFabric of Paradise that explored unreality and the pitfalls of being human. It included pieces he created over the past two years, illustrating how people live in their heads while struggling to be a part of the world around them. Seen here, a selection of delectable vintage-styled GIFs from his recent body of work, each with its own psychedelic twist:

The artist's statement:

St Francis Elevator Ride creates personal and freelance projects, as well as collaborative work in the areas of fine art, design and commercial communication. The creation of the artist’s work often oscillates between digital and analog methods, expressed through myriad mediums, including collage, print and web media. The body of his work is highly informed by simple and minimal design aesthetics, timeless vintage imagery and twentieth century romantic ideals. His creations are often inspired by interpersonal relationships between the artist and those closest to him: he explores themes of love, sex, delusion, visceral emotions and the struggles in balancing and maintaining intimacy while leading an ardent, prolific life in one of the most competitive creative professions.

For more work from St. Francis Elevator Ride, visit the artist's official website, and check out his work for Trashy Creatures Records


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