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Cutting Edge Wave Pool Will Swell Through The Center Of Rotterdam

The RiF010 Water Sports Arena will include a river wave attraction that simultaneously entertains and purifies the water from the area's surrounding ponds.

The city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands is building an eco-friendly water park right in the middle of the Steigersgracht Canal at the city's heart. Dubbed the RiF010 Water Sports Arena, the park will focus on popular water sports like surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling, while simultaneously generating clean water and revenue for continued green infrastructure throughout the city.

The arena's main attraction is a constantly flowing 14-second river wave, currently in development at the Delft University of Technology. The height of the wave is planned to reach 5 feet at its peak—neither too intimidating for a beginner nor disappointing for the seasoned water sport veteran.


Since the Netherlands is, well, making waves with its tech-enhanced sustainability game, it makes sense that the university team also plans to use the arena to purify water from the area's surrounding ponds. Any profits from the installation are to be re-invested in green urban expansion, including the development of an electricity-generating windmill which would help the park become energy independent. Perhaps Rotterdam will also pick up a solar duck like the one proposed in Copenhagen.

The arena is scheduled to open its watery doors in June 2015. See some renderings of the project below.

If you're fluent in Dutch—or like just looking at pictures, check out RiF010’s official website for more specifics about the project.

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