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Stand Inside A Fireworks Spectacle With This DIY Suit Of Armor

Garage inventor and viral video machine, Colin Furze, is back with a flame retardant suit. It goes without saying: don't try this at home.

Garage inventor and viral video machine, Colin Furze, has made DIY superhero suits (including mechanical Wolverine gloves), the world's longest motor bike, and other crazy contraptions that consistently make rounds on the Internet. His latest is a homemade, flame retardant suit of armor that allows Furze to stand at the heart of a fireworks display without getting burnt to a crisp.

The above video documents Furze as he builds his metallic suit through hydroforming—a metal-bending process that allowed him to manipulate protective sheets of steel so they snuggly fit over his body—yielding an outfit that makes him look like a terrifying robot, or some cross between a scarecrow and the Tin Man. It may be way past the 4th of July, but Furze's "don't try this at home" gear is already getting us stoked for next year's pyrotechnics.


Check out some stills from his DIY costume below.

images © burley images, h/t DesignBoom

For more of Furze's inventions, check out his YouTube page here.


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