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A 45-Ton Sculpture of Kafka's Head Is Glitching Out in Prague

Check out this gorgeous footage of David Cerny's motorized stainless steel monument to the modernist master.
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Covered in mirrors and motorized to perform surreal transforming choreography, a larger-than-life sculpture of Franz Kafka's head has been causing quite a bit of commotion to a public square near the author's old stomping grounds in Prague. Czech artist David Cerny build the monument to the modernist literature icon in 2014, but this week the filmmakers at MEL Films published a stunning look at the artwork. Their minute-and-a-half-long video includes trivia about the author whose work inspired the term "Kafkaesque," combined with artful footage of the 10-meter-tall, 45-ton, stainless steel stack of 42 revolving layers. With a subtle rotation speed of six RPMs, MEL Films' timelaps footage brings out the glitch aesthetic that paved the way for Cerny's public artwork.


See more of David Cerny's work on his website, and click here for more videos from MEL Films.


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