Watch Thou and Kristina Esfandiari Decimate Brooklyn with this Chilling Nirvana Cover

The King Woman/Miserable vocalist shone on "Something in the Way" at Saint Vitus Bar, where the Baton Rouge doom outfit also debuted a handful of new songs (!!!!).
January 11, 2017, 6:33pm

Incorrigible doom provocateurs and earnest grunge obsessives Thou played three (!) shows in Brooklyn this past weekend, including two sold-out nights at Saint Vitus Bar and a snowy matinee at the Silent Barn alongside Noisey faves Vile Creature and Cowardice. The Baton Rouge-ish (in actuality, members are scattered between LA, BR, and New Orleans) outfit busted out old favorites, a multitude of covers, and, perhaps most excitingly, a handful of intriguing brand-new songs. A good number of them (including one with some very unexpected clean vocals) appear in the following live footage of their second Saint Vitus show, captured by Pit Full of Shit's Frank Huang.


In addition, the band was joined onstage by Kristina Esfandiari of King Woman and Miserable, who lent her impossibly husky, mesmerizing pipes to a cover of "Something in the Way," joining Thou vocalist Bryan Funck's serrated howls for an emotionally decimating duet. It was incredible, and I'm so glad Huang was there to capture the magic so I can watch it over and over again. Esfandiari has a new album of her own coming out later this year on Relapse (watch this space!) but I can't help but hope a recording of this particular song surfaces, too—maybe on the next Thou record, eh, fellas? Judging from what we heard this weekend, that's going to fucking rule, too—and lord knows we could use something to look forward to in 2017.

Honestly? I really fucking needed this today, and maybe you did, too.

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