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What Prices Do the Provinces and Territories Google the Most?

A super serious VICE investigation.

Is there any better way to see the true soul of a person than a glimpse into their internet history? Well, probably what they search in the incognito window, but their viewable history is a close second. Internet search engines are a valuable tool and taking a peek into them can provide us a glimpse into what a person might care about.

So following along that thought process, we decided to try and see what the goods that the ids of Canadian provinces care about.


In true and scientific fashion we took to Google autocomplete to help us answer. By utilizing the process outlined by fixr Googling "What does (blank) cost in (provinces) name" and looking at what came up in the blank. We're nothing but thorough here.

Some of the results were to be expected, Ontario was boring, Quebec was drunk and PEI really likes lobsters. As a side note, Nunavut's results were almost uniformly about food because the food insecurity up there is a real problem. That said, some were a tad surprising.

Why circumcision New Brunswick? No seriously, please email and let me know.

Sadly, one of the territories, NWT, didn't have enough results to autocomplete so it remains an enigma (for now.) And, because we like you dear reader and got more than one result in this experiment, we grabbed a weird term the provinces searched for and tabulated them into a map of their own.

Look it's right here.



Most searched term: Sod
Unique search term: Slimband


Top searched term: In Vitro Fertilization
Unique search term: Divorce


Top searched term: Daycare
Strangest search term: Twinrix (Hepatitis Vaccine)


Top search term: Beer
Unique term: College

New Brunswick:

Top Search term: Circumcision
Unique term: Braces


Top Search term: Electricity
Unique term: Botox

Nova Scotia

Top searched term: In Vitro Fertilization
Unique term: Cremation



Top search term: Electricity
Unique term: Cigarettes


Most searched term: Lobster
Unique search term: Weed

British Columbia:

Top search term: Gas
Unique search term: Liposuction


Top search term: Diesel
Unique: Land… I guess

Look, there weren't very many options to go off here.


Top search item: Food
Unique item: Milk

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