A Year of Lil Wayne: Is Weed Vegetables?

Today, we aim high with some deep questions.
January 12, 2017, 8:56pm

Day 115: "Lay My Organs Down" feat. Dizzy, Curren$y, and Mack Maine – Lil Weezy Ana , 2007

"Fresher than a Febreze bottle / coming at this shit full throttle"—that's Curren$y, proving his talent yet again right here, as the one Young Money guy who can truly go bar for bar with Wayne. You can almost picture him pulling out his secret stash of rhymes for this song, the lines are so smoothly pieced together. Later he raps, "Member of a fly society / style I got several varieties / as a child this guy memorized Scarface in its entirety," which cracks me up for the way he refers to himself as "this guy." And then there's a part where he threatens to murder his enemies, dress them up like Santa Claus, and send them down their mothers' chimneys.


Wayne, meanwhile, is busy doing his part, comparing his enemies' car seats to tampons (because they'll be soaking up blood; what a layered punchline) and then posing one of his deepest questions ever: "I'm a fucking professional, so intellectual / it's Mr. Fat Stacks my pockets got high cholesterol / I need vegetables / Is weed vegetables?"

Is weed vegetables? I know your instinct might be to say no, but to that I say: Go smoke some weed and think about the question some more. You might find yourself suddenly saying yes. After all, it's green. And a plant. And it's great for your health because it is medicine. If there were more research permitted on weed, we would probably discover that, as Wayne claims, it can lower your cholesterol. I'm just spitballing here. But I heard that it is extremely healthy—and much danker than celery or some shit. Celery is boring, but weed is dope.

Anyway, what really makes this song a blast, to get back to the other questions at hand, is the interplay between all the traded off bars. And so, like a strand of very stoned DNA, Curren$y and Wayne finally come together to muse more on the grand weed questions with an absolutely incredible tradeoff at the end. "Weezy stay high / just look up," Wayne quips. Then Curren$y comes in, rhyming with that last part: "Shook up like a can of Coca-Cola that done fell down five flights of stairs, man." What a weird and great punchline. What a fun song.

Photo by Dank Depot via Flickr

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