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Stephen A Smith Can't Stop Being Sexist, Dumb

Here comes another masterpiece of misogyny from Stephen A. Smith.

If you thought Stephen A. Smith was ever going to get any less misogynistic, well then—wait, you never thought that.

Smith, author of classical works of misogyny such as the "women should do their best not to provoke domestic violence" defense of Ray Rice, and tireless advocacy for women-beating Floyd Mayweather, has written another masterpiece.

Reviewing a highlight of Norway's Maren Mjelde's clever free kick goal against Germany in the Women's World Cup, Smith offered an expert one-liner. His co-host Tim Legler started off first with "these young ladies didn't want to catch one in the grill."

And Smith couldn't help but take a sexist dig himself. According to him, the German players couldn't defend the goal because the ladies probably "didn't want to get their hair messed up."

You know what else wouldn't mess up any of the Women's World Cup players' hair? Taking a free kick at Stephen A. Smith.