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Pablo Sandoval Benched For Liking Instagram Posts During Game While on the Can

Pablo Sandoval liked a couple of Instagram posts from the bathroom during a game last night. He's been benched for violating team rules.

Not to blow up the dude's spot, but uh…is Pablo Sandoval on Instagram during the game?
— Jared Carrabis (@Jared_Carrabis) June 18, 2015

Pablo Sandoval caused a minor stir last night when it appeared as if he liked a couple of posts on Instagram during a game at Turner Field. This lead to some sleuthing and as it turns out, the liking happened at around 9:20 Wednesday night, which would have been during the top of the seventh inning. Sandoval led off the sixth inning (he struck out) and only one batter reached base (Napoli homered) so he would've been due up sixth in the seventh inning. Only one batter reached base in the seventh, however, so Sandoval did not bat again until the eighth. Nevertheless, he has been benched tonight.


Sandoval benched, admits that was him liking photos of woman on Instagram during game Said he was using bathroom at the time
— Gordon Edes (@GordonEdes) June 18, 2015

It was unclear at first whether it was Sandoval or his brother manning the Instagram account, but Sandoval admitted today that he was the one using the account. The Panda had a pretty good excuse, though: he was on the can. Now, sure, maybe he shouldn't be messing around on his phone during the game but, come on! What else are you supposed to do in there? People have magazines in the bathroom for a reason, the phone's no different. Hell, I play Bejeweled every morning.

The problem is, manager John Farrell has very specific rules about electronic devices on game days.

"Prior to 6:30 (about 40 minutes before first pitch for a standard night game), everything gets shut off," Farrell said in Fort Myers in February. "The only thing running at that time is the TV and leading up to [game] time it's on the opposing pitcher that night.

So, Sandoval copped to the mid-game cruise through Instagram and accepted his punishment, but this might be a case of the Farrell cutting off his nose to spite his face. Before the Instagram liking, Sandoval struck out. After? He got a single and finished the night with two hits.