This story is over 5 years old.


A Story of Redemption for the Ravens Mascot

The Ravens mascot thought Justin Tucker's missed field goal was good. It was not...yet.

In the waning minutes of a 13-13 tie between the Ravens and St. Louis Rams, Justin Tucker missed a 51-yard, potential game-winning field goal. The Ravens mascot, a Raven, thought it was good and did a little jumping celebration as the referees indicated the harsh, cold truth. But Fate is not heartless, sometimes she just takes a little while to get around to getting it right.

On the Rams ensuing possession, Courtney Upshaw got the strip sack on Case Keenum, and the Ravens recovered the ball on the Rams 41-yard line. Baltimore played it safe and set up Tucker—and the Raven—for a shot at redemption. With three seconds left, Tucker lined up for a 47-yard field goal and, though it drifted right, he was true. And the Raven rejoiced.

h/t @meredithshiner