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Mike Muscala Complains That TNT's Talent Segment Messed Up His Rap, Makes a New One

Respect for defending your talent, bruh.
February 14, 2016, 1:45am

.@ATLHawks forward @mikemuscala got BARS. #NBATalent
— NBA On Def Pen (@NBAOnDefPen) February 14, 2016

All Star Weekend is filled with all kinds of ridiculousness, and their side segments are no exception. Apparently this year was a talent show-type deal, where they had Atlanta Hawks forward Mike Muscala lay down some rhymes over a track. Except the only problem is that they chopped and screwed it up. Bad.

Muscala seems to be knowledgeable enough to pinpoint exactly what he thought was wrong with it.


What an absolute joke @NBAonTNT
— Mike Muscala (@mikemuscala) February 13, 2016

You changed the beat and pieced together random parts of the song
— Mike Muscala (@mikemuscala) February 13, 2016

Yea that's what happens when you break up a 16 and put a completely different beat on it……!!!!
— Mike Muscala (@mikemuscala) February 13, 2016

Don't break up a 16, man. So instead, Muscala decided to show them exactly how it was supposed to go. You tell 'em Mike! Let's hear it:

How it's really supposed to be part 1..
— Mike Muscala (@mikemuscala) February 14, 2016

Part 2
— Mike Muscala (@mikemuscala) February 14, 2016

— Mike Muscala (@mikemuscala) February 14, 2016

Yeah, well… uh… I see what you're saying. It flows better, but I wouldn't say your new version was killing it, per se. Also, how'd you incorporate "plankton" in there? I do like the idea of rapping about having grandkids, though. That's sweet.

It's pretty apparent why TNT chopped it up—because you're rapping over a Drake sample. That's licensed, bruh. But that sucks they couldn't find you a better match to the beat. Respect for defending your craft.