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Russian Fans Clash With England Fans After Euro Match, Causing Dangerous Stampede

A scary scene as women and children were trampled by stampeding crowds, rushing for an exit.

Russian fans confront English at full time
— Nick Eardley (@nickeardleybbc) June 11, 2016

Russia and England drew 1-1 in the final minutes of an edgy Euro game today, and the match ended in violence as Russia fans stormed into the England supporters' section, causing a stampede of fans rushing for exits.

The scary scene, which saw women and children being trampled, came after a day of clashes between French, Russian, and English hooligans in Marseille that turned bloody—with one England supporter left fighting for his life after suffering cardiac arrest while being beaten by Russia supporters.


According to BBC Scotland correspondend Nick Eardley, the rush was so thick that fans were being pulled over fences just to escape the melee.

England fans being lifted over fences in stadium after Russians approach at full time
— Nick Eardley (@nickeardleybbc) June 11, 2016

Unclear how much of that was panic among supporters after earlier, but certainly some Russians approaching England fans at full time whistle
— Nick Eardley (@nickeardleybbc) June 11, 2016

Have never seen anything like this in football stadium. Utter panic in England as some Russians charged. Women and children trampled.
— Nick Eardley (@nickeardleybbc) June 11, 2016

Ugly clashes at the end of #ENG 1 #RUS 1
— Simon Peach (@SimonPeach) June 11, 2016

England fans (and many French people too) climbing fences to avoid Russian supporters
— Nick Eardley (@nickeardleybbc) June 11, 2016

No police to be seen. Russian fans just charging at English fans who are running clear
— Mark Ogden (@MarkOgden_) June 11, 2016

Russian fans chasing after England fans
— Mark Chapman (@markchapman) June 11, 2016

Jamie Vardy's wife even weighed in on the frightful scene:

That has to be up there with the worst experience EVER at an away game! Teargassed for no reason, caged and treated like animals! Shocking!
— Rebekah Vardy (@RebekahVardy) June 11, 2016

And this happened before the game even kicked off!
— Rebekah Vardy (@RebekahVardy) June 11, 2016

UEFA is technically not allowed to punish teams for anything that happens outside of the stadium perimeter, so last night's violence won't leave the teams punishable. But surely after today's clash in Stade Vélodrome, UEFA will recalculate its disciplinary actions.