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Ronaldo Responds to Albanians' Chants of "Messi"

Ronaldo plays its coy.
September 10, 2015, 7:42pm

Albanian soccer fans are known to get in on some divisive issues at matches, like the time a drone-carried irredentist flag was torn down by a Serbian player, inciting fans to brawl on the pitch. You know, that kind of irredentist shit.

But you want to talk REAL irredentism?! Let's talk about making fun of Ronaldo by chanting "Messi." Now THAT's irredentism. (Ok, so I had to look up what irredentism is, and I'm pretty sure I'm using irredentism incorrectly here. But let's just go with it.)

So the irredentist stuff that I'm talking about is the Albanians trying to get Ronaldo's goat (GOAT?) by chanting his Ballon d'Rival's name before the 2016 Euro Cup qualifying game. It's kind of like subsuming the greatness of all time from one party into two, right? Right? In any event, Ronaldo handles it well, making him the greatest diplomat of all irredentist time.