Steph Curry Throws Backwards Lob Over his Head to Andrew Bogut

Steph Curry highlights are sometimes hard to describe.
January 9, 2016, 3:57pm

There's this thing that Steph Curry does sometimes where it makes it kind of hard to describe what he's just done. Backwards lob over his head? I guess, right? it sounds clunky, like there should be a better name for it, but that's what happens when you just make shit up on the fly like this. Off a pick from Andrew Bogut, Curry drove to the baseline and cut under the rim, drawing four bodies, and then just flipped it over his head to the front of the rim where Bogut easily tipped it in. You can tell he wasn't really even expecting a lob like that, but the pass had such a touch, and everyone else was so turned around, that he had plenty of time to adjust and put it in.

Please also enjoy the reaction of the Blazers bench to the play, particularly Meyers Leonard (I believe). By the time Bogut tips it in, Leonard's mouth is agape and he has to just cover his face.

[CSN-Bay Area]