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Alex Rodriguez Destroys Fox NFL Pregame Set with his Arm Cannon

Alex Rodriguez can still sling it.

Alex Rodriguez stopped by the FOX NFL Pregame show on Sunday morning to make two startling announcements: First, he will be joining FOX Sports as an analyst during the remainder of the MLB playoffs, which is good news for anyone who likes baseball and Gods among men. His second bit of news, which is just as exciting, is that he is ready to play for any NFL team looking for a guy who can air it out.

As Michael Strahan noted, the only reason this play wasn't completed was because they had a garden gnome playing receiver. Since most NFL receivers are pretty tall, A-Rod—who played quarterback in high school—should be able to fit in nicely for an organization looking to put itself over the top and make a run to the Super Bowl. Granted most teams would jump at the chance, but the obvious landing spots for Rodriguez would be where he would make the biggest and most immediate impact, New England or Green Bay.