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Watch the 1969 Mets, Including a Surly Nolan Ryan Sing "You Gotta Have Heart" for Ed Sullivan

This is a quaint little video, until you get to surly-ass Nolan Ryan.

Here's a fun little blast from the past: the '69 Mets on The Ed Sullivan show, the same place where Beatles fans burst America's eardrums and Elvis dry-humped a nation. All the greats are there: Jerry Koosman, Tug McGraw, Tom Seaver, and…a fresh-faced Nolan Ryan! Some guys are better than others with the words to the song; Ken Boswell and Ed Charles have it down pat and Rod Gasper looks like he's having a grand old time. Others have a harder time keeping up like Gerald Grote, who Mets fans remember as Jerry and who was clearly just happy to be up there.

But the best is Nolan Ryan—who spent his first five years in the Bigs with the Mets—at the tail end of the clip. He maybe moves his lips, but I'm not sure he even manages that. He's also looking anywhere but at the camera or audience. Either the future Hall of Famer was a little shy or he saw an infant Robin Ventura causing a scene off-camera. Either way, it was the first great performance in a career that would have many.