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12 Year Old Turkish Player Might be the Future of Soccer

Emirhan Delibas plays for Besikta's youth team. He may be the greatest Turkish player on the planet.

Emirhan Delibas is a 12-year-old Turkish soccer player on Istanbul's Besiktas' youth team. He also, apparently, is the greatest living Turkish soccer player. Watch my man break off three defenders like a young Ronaldinho, then unleash a shot from what appears to be 75 yards from goal that swerves away from the keeper and into the far side netting.

Trying to find The Future of Soccer is an endless rabbit hole that will at some point result in you watching video of a 9-year-old's tryout for Barcelona's famed "La Masia" youth academy and marveling to no one in particular––because you're alone in your apartment at 2:18 a.m. on a Tuesday––about his deft first touch and strong presence in the midfield. Fortunately, Delibas has saved you from that fate. For he is clearly The Future of Soccer and in 4-6 years––barring injury, puberty, high school, or literally anything––you may even be able to sign him to your FIFA Manager Mode squad.