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Did This Dummy Yankees Fan Just Reveal He's Faking a Busted Leg?

A fan wearing a leg cast jumped onto the field to get a foul ball and looked plenty comfortable doing it.

Whether or not he's faking his injury, this Yankees fan is still an idiot. In the sixth inning of a spring training game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees, one Yankees fan had a tough time getting his glove on a foul ball down the first-base line. It rolled just out of reach, mocking the fan with its so close, yet so far away-ness. Then, for some dumb-ass reason, a second Yankees fan decided he really, really wanted a spring training foul ball from some chump on the Phillies. So he hopped the fence onto the warning track and scampered over to retrieve it.


This fan also happened to be wearing a big bulky boot, the kind you usually see on athletes after they have some kind of foot or ankle surgery. Nevertheless, he hopped over the fence, twice, with incredible ease, almost like the boot was an afterthought. Our man then went back to his seat, where he had one crutch "to help walk," I suppose. I should note, he had pretty primo seats, right in the first row. Is it possible he faked an injury so he could get better seats? Possibly, but that seems pretty cunning for a dude who also jumped over the fence in the front row, in full view of every security guard for a foul ball from a guy not even on the team he supports.

He was kicked out.

The Yankees are losing to the Phillies 7-0 in the seventh inning.

h/t @SportsFunhouse