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Laremy Tunsil's Strange Start to his NFL Career Gets Stranger

Best way of preventing allergies? Wearing a gas mask at all times.

Dolphins said Laremy Tunsil had an allergic reaction and will not be appearing at today's previously scheduled press conference.
— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) April 29, 2016

Oh, Laremy Tunsil You've really put us in a difficult position here. Because while it's horrible that you're a young man, and your career was all but sabotaged by some asshole on your draft day, you did smoke a bong out of a gas mask. It's hard not to have a chuckle, despite your (relatively) grave financial misfortunes. Especially when—today, less than 24 hours after being selected by the Dolphins—you almost missed your first official team press conference because of an "allergic reaction."


The No. 13 Dolphins draft pick from Ole Miss suffered enough humiliation yesterday, when someone leaked a video of Tunsil smoking weed, and later posted text messages he exchanged with his former coaches implying they were helping pay his rent and mother's electric bill. His first press conference was always going to be a complete circus, so when the news first broke that he was going to miss it, it obviously seemed like a particularly convenient allergic reaction.

In their initial, Tunsil-less press conference, executive Vice President of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum addressed the bizarre situation:

"Unfortunately, Laremy had an allergic reaction this afternoon, so right now he's with our medical staff and hopefully it's just a quick, short-term thing," Tannenbaum said, according to NBC Sports. Tannenbaum also stated that the cause of the allergic reaction was unclear at the time.

LIVE on NFL Network: @MiamiDolphins introduce Laremy Tunsil
— #NFLDraft (@nflnetwork) April 29, 2016

But despite it appearing like a total ruse, Tunsil did appear for his first press conference with the Dolphins, albeit an hour or so after it was originally scheduled. He told the assembled media that he did in fact suffer an allergic reaction—NFL Network's Jeff Darlington also said he saw it with his own eyes—and it was probably from something he ate. He also went full Belichick in the presser, responding to every question about gas mask bongs and text messages with "I'm just here to talk about the Miami Dolphins."