Throw Yourself into the Weekend with This Live Session from Idles

The band are the latest to feature in YALA's "Live from the Drugstore" series.
January 20, 2017, 12:20pm

Beyond, y'know, holding you through a broken heart or elevating your serotonin highs, one of the best parts about music is the live performance. The bass, pulsating through your throat. The crowd, swaying like a massive ball of energy. The sound, bleeding into your ears until it feels like the only thing you know. Think the main stage at Glastonbury, the 100 Club, that one time you saw a band in a venue with broken, pissy toilets and felt like you had discovered the soul meaning and purpose of life.


As good as watching a live show can be though, there are some downsides: the collective sweat of humanity perforating your nostrils, the loss of a good pair of trainers, the biological laws that have deemed some people to be taller than others. So with that in mind, people have been filming these concerts for decades. It's experiential pleasure for those who can't pick themselves up off the sofa.

YALA! - the record label started by Felix White from The Maccabees and Morad Khokar - are masters of both forms. They've put on shows with The Magic Gang and Happyness and now they're sharing a live session from 'The Drugstore' (so named by previous occupants The Jesus & Mary Chain) with Idles, the best band you've seen this side of the last time the force of live music booted you in your phlegm-covered face. In case you're not aware of the band already, they're the ones with the loud guitars and punchy lyrics. Like: "I'd rather cut my nose off to spite my face" and "Mary Berry has a medal, so why don't you have a medal?". Below you have "Well Done" and "Divide & Conquer". Strap in and give yourself tinnitus.