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Motherboard Relaunch Party Redux

Motherboard's relaunch party picture show.

I know this is a bit belated, but please, my body finally forced me to get some sleep before I resumed pounding away on this little laptop keyboard. I'd like to put in my thanks to the amazing event coordinators, the slick programming and development team, the wonderful interns and the editorial staff for throwing such a great party last Thursday. (YES, I'm still talking about it.)

It all took off without a hitch. RZALarge ProfessorHoly HerndonMas YsaDriphouse and Forma played some incredible sets. Babycastles brought some awesome games, food scientist Justin Warner mixed up some crazy cocktails, Ryder Ripps dumped his best GIFs on the big screen, and Dr Laser got his optics shining while some smooth grooves sweltered out of Dub Stuy's formidable sound system (pictured above). 42Below Vodka got everyone appropriately wasted and Eddie Huang of Baohaus served up some chill munchies. Thank you all.


Walking into the event center hours before the party took off, there remained some items to scratch off our list. Brian Merchant, Alex Pasternack and I were consumed in debugging the site with our developers back at HQ to get this wonderful redesign off the ground. About 30 minutes into the party, amongst a chaotic throng of incoming guests, Motherboard 3.0 finally went online.

It was emotional, to say the least, but the events couldn't have unfolded in a more painstakingly coincidental manner than they did. In the heart of Lower Manhattan's financial district, I walked around a beautiful Greek-style space, columns and all. I celebrated with my fellow Motherboarders as we reloaded on our devices with glee. If you missed out, I apologize, but if it'll burn any vicarious desires, take a gander at the coverage captured by our lovely Vice photographer, Caroline McElhinny:

Relaying back and forth with our developers in Williamsburg.

In remote formation, we debugged the new Motherboard 3.0 just minutes before the doors opened.

Oh, the many E-piphanies we had that night.

We huddled close for one last moment before everyone showed up.

"This isn't Occupy Broad Street, officer, these are our party guests."

Things got poppin' pretty quickly.

Hey, Ron!


Holly Herndon

Michael Potvin and his lovely models flaunted some eye-melting LED dresses.

Motherboard's wonderful intern, Caitlin Bruner.


The optical oeuvre of Dr. Laser and his disciples.

"Speech, speech, speech, speech, speech!"

Large Professor rocked the mic.

And then RZA took the stage.




After things peaked and started to simmer down, I got my greasy hands on Caroline's camera (my iPhone isn't good enough) and walked around to collect some GIF-able images of my fellow Motherboarders (Alex Pasternack actually took this first one on his phone):

Meg Milewski and Sean Yeaton (deputy editor)

Derek Mead (managing editor)

David, Alex Pasternack (editor) and Eleanor Fye

Brian Anderson (features editor)

Justin Staple (camera) Erin Lee Carr (producer)

Brian Merchant (senior editor) and Chris O'Coin (video editor)

Chris O'Coin

Ryder Ripps of

Thank you everyone for making Motherboard's relaunch a success!

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