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Your EDC Survival Guide

A wise raver is a happy raver. Make sure you’re prepared.

It's here!!! EDC Las Vegas, 2014. While you're packing and planning and anticipating your descent into Vegas, here's a few essential pointers to help you along the path to rave-topia:

Don't meet at the daisy

At first it seems so sensical. Meet at the iconic daisy, the installation from which the whole festival gets its name. But no. For years, elated ravers have found their way to the flower and waited around for so long that they became sad ravers. Here's what they figured out: The daisy moves. All night long. It is the absolute worst place to try to meet up with your friends for that reason. Ooh. It sure is pretty, though.


Save the decals

Imagine this: You're a cop in some desert town miles from Vegas. You're bored, it's hot, and you gotta pull some people over. Are you gonna pull over the elderly couple in the Buick or the car full of kids blasting hardstyle with "EDC Vegas" decals plastered all over their car? Make your own life easier, go under the radar.

Shuttle sitch

There is no worse feeling than Monday morning at 7AM, when you're caked in dirt and other people's sweat, the party is over and your tired ass is waiting around for the last shuttle back to the strip. This is when couples break up, when friendships are tested. Although the official EDC shuttles will get you there and back, sometimes the wait is so long that your life is pretty much ruined by the time it does. Consider other options. Third party shuttles are around the same price and little less rinsed. Juscollege and Till Dawn are good shouts.

Fear the chap

There's nothing like desert winds to turn your lips into a barren wasteland of chappery. Bring some balm. F'reals. This is key.

The phone charge struggle

Your phone is gonna die. At some point, you're gonna have to decide between taking the 100th selfie and maybe actually finding your friends again. If you're struggling with under 10% battery, turn that phone off and save it for when you need it. Turn off wi-fi, iMessage, and anything inessential that could also drain. Dump all of your photos and videos onto your computer in advance, and write down your friends' numbers just in case. Boom. Sorted. Or, hey, just charge your phone at one of the 7up charging stations like a G.


The blister struggle

By day three at every festival, people are hobbling around like a geriatric in a hurdles race. Wear your most comfortable shoes, tie them real right, preemptively put bandages around the delicate bits and then douse the whole thing in talcum powder. This one is worth over-preparing for.

Trade a day party for nap time

Watching Diplo turn up a pool party in 110 degree heat while swilling back drinks all day sounds like a great idea, but when you're gonna be up all night for three nights in a row, you gotta conserve some energy. Naps are not just for babies.

Be nice to employees

Imagine watching tens of thousands of beautiful people having the time of their lives and having to spend the whole time guarding a fence or refilling water bottles for 12 hours straight. That could be a bummer. Be nice to the staff. In fact, be nice to everyone. For every fight at a rave, Moby sheds a tear.

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