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From Drop-Jockeying to Hip Hop, Henrix is Always Ahead of the Curve

The Miami man is feelin' alive and about to get live.

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There was a time when dance music wasn't all about the drop. People weren't talking about it at all, and it didn't seem to be something that could foment a movement of its own at festivals or clubs. That time has passed.

Miami based producer, Henrix, has been touring for the last two years thanks to the successful release of his drop-laden track, "Hit It", a collaboration with GTA & Digital Lab. Becoming one of the finest drop-songs of 2013. With support from Steve Angello's sets, Swedish House Mafia elevated the track to its status as one of the finest drop-songs of 2013. Now that Henrix has finally had more time to be in the studio than on tour, two big releases are to be released soon on Fedde Le Grand's Record Label, Flamingo Records.


THUMP: You've been touring around the world, enjoying success that has come thanks to your being able to play your productions at exclusive clubs, and now, in some measure, you are responsible for paving a path with your track, "Hit It," which has literally been a hit at clubs. What do you think about the scene growing so quickly in such little time?
Henrix: Honestly, I love it. Even though 'Hit It' got a bit overplayed, it still makes me happy to think I was part of making a sound blow up like that. I'm not sure how big of a role I played, but I like to think I contributed a bit, haha!

THUMP: You are now releasing a track under Flamingo Records, Fedde Le Grand's record label. How do feel about working with them?
Henrix: It feels amazing! Flamingo is an imprint on which I have always wanted to release work, because Fedde has always been one of my favorite producers. So for him to be giving me this opportunity is astonishing.

THUMP: We were used to you making big records in collab mode but now, you're shifting gears towards a solo career with "Light." We sense a Daft Punk influence behind it. Is this what you were going for?
Henrix: Yup! I've done lots of collabs and still have a lot coming, haha. I wanted to take a step in a different direction and produce as a solo artist. This is very important in an artists career. I don't want people to think that everything I put out is a collaboration. I want people to see that I can do my own thing as well, but don't get me wrong, I love collaborating with other artists. I like to learn what they do and give them pointers too; it works out really well. As far as the Daft Punk influence, you are correct! I really like Daft Punk, especially their earlier albums. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of old electronic music and I would hope I can bring that vibe back in my own way and somehow show the younger generation what its all about. I kind of did the same in my song, "Universal Sound."


THUMP: We know too well that success isn't made by one track. You're about to be releasing "Feel Alive" as well, which is one of those songs we imagine being played at a festival when the crowd is going insane. Did you write the lyrics?
Henrik: Yes I really wanted to jump into more of feel good progressive sound with this one. Mac Montgomery from fmlybnd wrote the vocals a long time ago and it never got released so I decided to do something with it. One of the best upcoming bands in the industry in my opinion.

THUMP: Have you thought about putting all these songs together and make an album in the future? Do you think creating an album is important in the career of a DJ?
Henrix: I've thought about that before, but I feel like my album is going to be a little different and not just dance tracks. We'll see though! And yes, an album is very important in an artist's career but, and timing is everything.

THUMP: Can you give us some Henrix pro-tips for making a good track that is different from what the rest of the world is already producing?
Henrix: I think it's all about trying to be yourself, and making what you want to make. I've been stressing that a lot lately. I'm done sticking to one sound, I love music as a whole so if I like a certain genre or sound, I'm going to go with it. I'm not going to hold back because people expect me to stick to a certain sound. I'm gonna do me!

THUMP: Now that you've been responsible for making tracks with a fresh sound that stayed with people for a long time, I can imagine that you are already wondering what your next sond within music could be, right?
Henrix: I've been listening to a bit of everything, from EDM, to Hip Hop, to what I consider "chill" music, to rock, etc. I'm not sure what my next sound will be, but I do know that I am going to be making something very different for next year, haha.

THUMP: We've seen you're a big fan of basketball. What team are you supporting and planning to see in 2015 finals
Henrix: Yes I am a huge fan! I'm always going to stick with the Heat no matter what!!

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