Watch the Waypoint Crew Speak, Laugh and Crush the Competition at Pax East 2017

Watch Austin speak on Authorship and Intent, Danielle laugh at internet videos, and both of them win a wrestling championship at PAX East 2017.
March 22, 2017, 5:10pm

Waypoint EIC Austin Walker knows a thing or two about intent and authorship when it comes to our media of choice here: how do you think he got to be Professor Killah (well, that's from another panel, more on that later). You can watch him, alongside panelists Alex Zandra Van Chastein, Tanya X. Short, and Katherine Cross discuss the nature and importance of intent, and authorship vs. audience perception and interpretation in games in their recent PAX East 2017 panel.

As for myself, well, I was lucky enough to *just make it* to my own panel, where I appeared with Pat Baer, Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstman, and Amarisse Sullivan on 404ing it Breaking Down the Internet. We all had a selection of *very special* funny and/or excellent videos to share with the world.

Austin and I combined forces on Saturday to perform in PAXAMANIA, which is, to the uninitiated, video game professional wrestling. Professor Killah aka Bars von Trier, aka The Editor in Beef, aka LeBron Games, aka Swagneto, aka Captain Jean-Luc Go Hard, aka David Foster Flawless, aka The Austin Walker of Video Game Wrestling and I (the MMA EMT) made history. Intrepid Social Media Editor Danika Harrod also participated in the event, and completely dominated the NYC vs. Canada match.

You can watch the whole thing here, and remember, it totally lives up to its name of "The Return of Bad Video Game Wrestling."