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Max T's "Palm Isle" Grants You Access to a Sweltering Lo-Fi Utopia

The Montreal artist has made the perfect song for all the beach bums lost in winter.

The thing about crafting a sense of relaxation in music is that you have to hit a sweet spot. Just the right swaying rhythm, the correctly nonchalant vocal take, and, most important of all, the most sun-dappled melody you can think of. Montreal's Max T gets this and exhibits these traits in his new song "Palm Isle," the title track from his EP of the same name. Burrowing into an atmosphere that can only be described as "shoegaze exotica," Max T lets his swooning arrangement build to the ticking pulse of a simple drum machine and billow into lush harmonic territory. That minor chord near the end of the verse!


"The song is about idealizing a utopic place as a way to escape, and how that's sorta flawed," says Max T. "Working with glistening sounds, I wanted the song to feel like entering a wistful, nostalgic dream. With the video, we really wanted to re-create this dreamy place and mood, but show how I don't quite fit within it." Watch the "Palm Isle" video below.

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